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The Vortex Story

With an enviable racing heritage
(8 championships won) Vortex
cars were born on the racetrack
but bred for the discerning
sports car driver.

The company partners are
enthusiastic, accomplished
industry professionals with
significant expertise in
engineering and design.

Expertise that has been
employed, challenged and honed
by other manufacturers like
Ford, Jaguar, Rover, GM,
Rolls Royce, Land Rover, TVR
and Jensen.

The team's commitment to
delivering superior performance
is demonstrated by the use of
wind tunnel testing and chassis
finite element analysis.

These unique cars have been
seen on TV, in various
magazines, used in
advertisements, featured in
many car shows and turn heads
wherever they go.


In 2009 the company was
rebadged as Vortex Automotive
Ltd allowing continued
development and evolution on
a tested and proven platform.

With new and more powerful
engine options and other
professionally engineered
improvements, along with
some customer requested
options, Vortex Automotive
Ltd., is proudly continuing to
deliver a rare price-
performance package.

But perhaps it is only to be
expected of a company that
has always had a core
philosophy of continuous

Innovation and continous
improvements were evident
again in 2012 with the
announcement of the stunning
new 'V2'
- a Lotus 7-type
product and an exciting track
day machine.

The Vortex story continues . . .


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