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Specifications and Features

This section is dedicated to providing information on the specifications and features of each of the
Vortex GTT models.

EPAS Option Announced For all Vortex GT models
Now an option for all Vortex models; Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS).
This is the very best that technology can offer. It is also offered as a retro-fit for existing cars.
The assisting motor and ECU are combined into the column itself, in one compact unit, supported
by a unique crossbeam.

  • Engine power is only tapped when needed (unlike any hydraulic system that saps power
    constantly, is heavier and thus adversely affects fuel consumption).
  • Assistance is speed variable, alllowing effortless low speed effort with higher speed feel.
  • The column specified is adjustable for reach and height.

The dynamic effect of this is to make the Vortex feel much more agile, not least because the steering
ratio can be quickened without unacceptable steering weight.

This is done either with a quicker rack ratio or shorter steering arms. Also the castor angle is
increased to retain ideal self-centering, by shimming the wishbones. POA.

Changes for Vortex GTT - Updated May, 2012

  • Lighter but stiffer chassis with more engine options
  • Electric power steering option - EPAS with speed variable assistance and fully adjustable column
  • More compliance for front and rear suspension
  • Improved front and rear suspension geometry including a steel billet
    machined watts pivot at the rear
  • Stainless steel bonnet and boot hinges - eliminate the need for painting,
    look good and are weatherproof
  • Better gear change layout for Ford chassis
  • 2.5" diameter stainless steel exhaust
  • New centre console with armrest, storage and better ergonomics
  • Larger brake discs
  • New rear bumper featuring a bolder diffuser design
  • More discreet central jacking points
  • Range of 5 bolt hubs for wheel diameter and style choice
  • Optional rear boot moulding for enhanced storage
  • Revised Rover 827 engine mounting /flush door buttons
  • Factory build - up to chassis level if required

Vortex GTT Engines
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