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V2 Pack Pricing for 2015 (Updated December, 2015)

Three staged packs with assembly instructions.
Deposit of 50% required with order, collection date to be agreed. Balance to be paid on collection.

Donor parts list available to enable a start before arrival of the Vortex packs. Packs are numbered
in order of assembly and should be ordered as such

Pack 1


2 - pack


Front uprights & front bearing housing & front hubs
4 springs & aluminum dampers
Upper & lower wishbone assemblies
De Dion axle & rear bearing housings
Watts pivot & links /4 radius arms and bushes
Steering rack assembly
Nut bolt and washer set

Pack 2


Stainless steel exhaust assembly including tailpipe
2 x Drive shafts in S166 spec steel
Aluminium fuel tank & panelling
Gear change rods & rockers & balljoints
Engine torque tube & bushes
Header tank & cap (21 psi)
Radiator with Fan brackets
Swaged water pipes
Exchange donor steering column joint & extension
Machine 4 donor discs and 2 handbrake cables
Willwood pedal assembly & balance bar
4 x 302mm dia. discs -machined for speedo sensor

Pack 3



3 Body mouldings – nose and crosstube, cockpit top, tail
Headrest armatures
Mudguards and stays x 4
2 side panels
1 pair of handbrake cables
Dashboard panel and centre tunnel
NOTE: VAT payable on fiberglass parts


£ 1000
£ 100
£ 30
£ 80

£ 440

Wiring harness
Wheels, tyres and bolts (16” front and 17" rear)
Rear calipers
Main suspension bolt set
Stowage moulding
Aerofoil and stays

Chassis powder coating




A minimum deposit of 50% will be required to secure the packs with
the remainder of each pack payable on collection of each pack.
Vortex Automotive Ltd reserves the right to change prices,
specifications and products at any time without notice.

**VAT payable on fiberglass body parts

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