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Engine donor choices available 2013
Vortex Model
Honda 2.7 V6 R827 177 BHP GTT
Mondeo 2.5 V6 Duratec 170 BHP GTT
Mondeo 3.0 V6 ST Duratec 224 BHP GTT
Mondeo 2.0 T Mk4 280 BHP GTT
Partial Donor Parts List (Last updated May, 2013)

The following parts are taken from your donor Rover 827 and other vehicles. They are not supplied with Vortex
Automotive’s self-assembly packs although we are able to supply the parts from a donor car (POA), but it would
be the customer’s responsibility to ensure their suitability. Most items can also be provided as new parts (POA)
in which case these would be covered by the manufacturers’ or suppliers’ guarantee. A detailed listing is provided
after the initial deposit has been received for the chassis.
Rover 827 (manual)

Drive shaft (one) and all constant velocity joints
Front and rear hubs
Gear lever
Gear linkage
Brake disc - front 282mm diameter
Brake front - calliper carrier curved type
Brake hoses front and rear
Brake pedal assembly with servo and reservoir
Hand brake and cable assembly
Wheels and nuts (if 17")
Catalytic converter
Hoses - engine to radiator
Hose - engine to brake servo
All ECU's
Some body harness connections
All electrical components:
ECU's, coil, igniter etc
All engine harness
Radiator fan
Wiper motor and linkage
Washer reservoir and pumps
Fuel tank component area
Fuel filler pipes
Fuel pump and sender
Fuel filter and pipes
Instrument pack with connectors
Interior lamp
Rear number plate lamps
Door hinges (front)
All check straps
Door latches (front)
Door latch staples
Interior mirror
Sun visors
Seats and belts (if Recaro type)
Latch bell crank from rear doors
Non-ROVER 827 parts
Ford Mondeo side marker
Mazda MX3 rear lamps
MG Maestro radiator 2 litre
MGF heater, demist ducts and controls
Mondeo MK1 front engine/box steady
Jaguar XJ6 interior door release
Rover 100 exterior door mirror
Toyota Celica front indicators
Toyota Celica door glass mechanism
Non-specific parts
Tail pipe finisher Custom Chrome
Seats to choice but Recaro mountings on chassis