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The V2-2 - Production Updates Completed Autumn 2013

Vortex V2-2

The following Production updates have been completed for the V2-2;

  • Narrower, shorter, lower chasis
  • Wider track, longer wishbones and track arms
  • Alloy calipers, non-vented discs
  • 6-Speed gearbox option
  • Optimised silencer
  • Now 2-channel fly-by-wire throttle
  • New side panels and internal trim boards
  • LED tail lamp option
  • Padded armrest and glass fibre centre tunnel
  • Passenger tonneau cover
  • Luggage box in nose

Vortex GTT - First look The Excitement continues - November 2013

The new Vortex GTT has been added to the GT sports car series and will be featured in an
upcoming publication (full publication details shortly). The GTT feature highlights include a 2.0 litre
Ecoboost engine married to a six speed MMT6 gearbox with many refinements that include
reduced weight and increased power.

The New Vortex GTT

Vortex V2 featured in Fast Furious and Funny You Tube programme - Updated Feb/Mar 2013

The Vortex V2 passed its IVA test in late 2012 shown below before a quartermile sprint test.

Vortex V2 doing a quarter mile test

Both the V2 and the new Vortex GT-EV are featured on the Goodwood website fortyonesix.com.

Vortex GT-EV was also recently shown in action publicly and in the news again (see GT Product News)

The V2 - Production Details - Summer 2012

The Vortex V2 is the second design to be offered from Vortex Automotive Ltd., alongside the GT series.
Its purpose is to be a distinctive and contemporary alternative to a Lotus 7-type product and also a quick
track day machine.

Vortex V2

The major features are a mid engine/intercooler/radiator layout fed by a large full width duct underneath
the car, a central longitudinal fuel tank, keen aerodynamics for high downforce /low drag, and Ford’s
Duratec or (sensational 280 bhp) Ecoboost turbo engine.

The chassis has the engine transverse, conventional front wishbones and a De Dion rear beam located by
a Watts pivot and links. Vortex own front uprights are cast aluminium LM25, heat treated and x-rayed .50
mm dia. curved side tubes give exceptional cockpit width and safety and a full width 50 mm rollover bar is
standard, as is a stainless exhaust system, aluminium dampers and radiator.

The V2 is to be available in LHD and RHD as 2.0 Duratec/mtx75 combination or 1.6/2.0 turbocharged
(Ecoboost) form, the latter rated at 280 bhp, for a launch price of £9,990. One other engine option is
under discussion. The initial batch will be five cars.

Innovations apart from the cooling are a high nose to direct cooling air to the underneath, a raked rollover
bar to put the protection close above the drivers head/helmet, twin cockpit openings, integrated
headrests, integrated front aerofoils and a gear selector mounted directly on top of the fuel tank.

Production refinements include a lighter chassis 65mm narrower without loss of elbow room and a full
40mm lower than the prototype shown at Stonleigh earlier this year.

Track day options include trim tabs for the front aerofoils, a rear wing positioned in clean air, individual
triangulated rollover bars, lower ride height and stiffer springs. Other track day options include an air inlet
in the 'passenger' head fairing, race harness anchors and a six speed gearbox.

For information about ordering, please use our contacts page.

Vortex V2
V2 Nosebox

Vortex Automotive - Corporate News

Vortex Automotive Ltd is the replacement name for Phantom Automotive Ltd.

The company retains the same ownership and is authoring this site to provide information on the many
changes to our rebadged GTR, GTD, GT3 and GTT series of performance sports cars. Sharing new
product development information will also be a feature of this site.

Vortex GT Series Rear 3/4 view
The Vortex series has been proven and
tested by demanding sports car
enthusiasts and knowledgeable drivers.

With a generous 72" wide interior and a
long 104" wheelbase even the larger
enthusiast can enjoy performance in

In every way, the Vortex sports cars are
more accomplished than ever and yet still
very affordable.

With the establishment of the new company, development is continuous - making the product more
powerful and desirable. This is evidenced by the announcement of new engine options. (see: Donor Parts)
and recent design changes. (see: Specifications).

With sincere appreciation to our past, present and future customers, we invite you to explore our
site and to stay in touch via email to let us know how we are doing.

Meantime, to our new visitors, we welcome you and look forward to arranging a Vortex test drive so
you can experience first-hand what all the excitement is about . . .

GT Series Product News Updated - Nov 2013

The new Vortex GT-EV successfully completed the course at the recent Future Vehicle Brighton to London
event with plenty of range to spare. The EV was solely powered by its lithium iron batteries. The news
media showed great interest in this event both here and abroad and the run confirmed the Vortex GT-EV
project is on schedule

Vortex GT-EV during the Brighton to London run


Front Light Pod

New Headlight Cluster

New light cluster featuring bi-halogen

main unit, separate LED sidelight
with the addition of "Daytime Running
Light" type option.

Also available in chrome finish.

Other Publicity News

In their in-depth review of the Vortex GT3 3.0 litre 225 bhp superkit, Complete KitCar says:

spacer"One of the best kit car designs ever?"

spacer" . . . The Vortex GT3 is an extraordinarily impressive kit car."

spacer"Too Good for a Kit Car?"

spacer" . . . emits an air of quiet confidence."

Complete KitCar included the Vortex series in their Complete Kit Car Guide 2011

In the
November edition of Total Kit Car magazine the Vortex was described as:

spacer" . . . stunning GT . . . "

A group of Vortex Owners
Vortex GT owners compare notes

News Bites . . . updated December 2012

Vortex Automotive's Left Hand Drive study is ongoing and making steady progress for the GT series.
However, no new announcements can be made at this time for one of the most popular customer
requested options. Watch this space.

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